lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

The perfect gift!

What's the perfect gift for my dad?

The perfect gift for my dad is food, he likes to eat a lot . He is happy eating mamones, peanuts and grapes. Sometimes, I give him shirts, shoes or another clothes; but, he always prefer be with us eating. This year, we went to eat ice cream and pizza at 4D
My dad is Andres Diaz, He's 55 years old, and he is a doctor. He is a really sarcastic person, hardworking, responsible and a good father

Everybody says that we are just like the same person. what do you think? Well,  probably someone thinks that this is not a BIG gift, but it is what makes he happy. If he is happy, I am happy too 

And.. He always says: " The perfect gif
t to me is my family""

Beat the world and never give up!

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