viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

My Purse!!

What do I have in my purse? 

1. I have a folder in my  purse. 
In this folder I have important papers.

The color of my folder is white

2. I have one book in my  purse. 
I have 1 book "World Link. Intro A". It helps me to learn english.
This book is really important to me 

3. I have two notebooks in my purse
I use it to take notes about my classes
I have one pink, and the other one is with a picture of phineas and ferb

4.I have my telephone in my purse.
This is really important to me, to communicate with my friends
It has an android sistem and  has a gray cover

5.I have a cartridge case in my purse
This is black with the picture of Mickey Mouse
There, i have pencils, pen, mechanical pencils, colors and a lot of thinks more.

6.I have a earphones in my  purse.
I use them with the cellphone to listen to music.
I love to listen to James Blunt with them.

7.I have a little purse in my purse
There, I have my pills, a dust and a lipstick
It's is gray with holes and I always have it with me.

8.I have a set of keys in my  purse.
This is my home set of keys.
they have four keychain with a picture of Pucca, a skecher's sign, peace and the letter A

9.I have a URBE ID in my purse.
My ID to enter to URBE.
I don't look very good on the picture. But, what can I do?.

10.I have an antibacterial in my purse
This is my favorite antibacterial
I use it everyday 

11.I have a pendrive in my purse
This is my pendrive and I have it since 5 years ago.
There, I have a lot of important information.

12.I have a wallet in my  purse.
In this wallet I keep my important ID documents and money.
The color of my wallet is White.

13.I have a scientific calculator in my purse
I use it everyday to make some operations and calculations.
I study engineering, and this is really important to me.

Beat the world and never give up!

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